Using fine art quality Glossy inkjet prints and crystal clear acrylic, Acrylic Prints provide exceptional detail reproduction for all types of photography, including portraits and landscapes.

Display a large Acrylic Print on its own for a stunning statement piece. Group multiples together for a compelling wall collage. Your galleries and clients’ homes will capture attention with a contemporary and modern look. Make Acrylic Prints part of your higher investment packages.

Acrylic prints transform your cherished photographs into vibrant, sleek, and contemporary works of art. Using a high-definition printing process, the image is directly printed onto a polished acrylic surface, resulting in stunning clarity, sharpness, and color saturation. The acrylic material adds depth and a glossy sheen, creating a captivating visual impact that enhances every detail of your photo. With their lightweight yet durable construction, acrylic prints are ready to be mounted and bring a modern, gallery-worthy aesthetic to your home or office, making a bold statement and leaving a lasting impression.

Size 5x7" to 40x60"

PRINT SURFACES -Glossy Inkjet Paper

HANGING OPTIONSArrives ready to display with a Float Mount, Inset Metal Frame, or Black & White Framing options

OrientationHorizontal and vertical

Care- Do not use chemicals, cleaners, or abrasive cloths

Turnaround2-3 days: free overnight shipping for sizes smaller than 24x36; free two-day shipping for 24x36 and larger

Please Note
Matte by definition is "a dull and flat appearing surface, without a shine." This is the intended look for Matte Acrylics that results in the dream-like appearance.

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