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3-Panel Format

A) Trifold Brochure.

divides your brochure into three vertical panels. This fold allows your customer to take in information in a specific sequence. This is one of the most popular options because it’s compact, holds a lot of information, and fits in most rack card slots. Take advantage of the trifold brochure by creating engaging content that’s divided or broken down per panel. You can easily divide your services, products, and call to action into consecutive sections.

B) Z- Fold

This fold divides your brochure into three vertical panels into its distinctive “Z” shape. Each panel folds on top of one another and efficiently presents the different features of a product or service. Z-fold brochures are also commonly used for content with multiple language translations. Each fold creates a separate section but are unified to create one whole page when the brochure is unfolded. This also allows you to create easy layouts for images and text because they’re all on one side of the brochure.

C) Gate Fold.

This brochure has a three-panel design where the two front panels fold inward to form the “gate.” The front panels can reveal an image or infographic that unveils a new offer from your business. We recommend gate fold brochures for presentations that focus on design or a “big reveal”. Gate fold brochures typically catch more attention.

4-Panel Brochures

A) Accordion Fold

The accordion fold divides your brochure into four panels that fold on top of one another. This option unfolds information in an organized and sequential manner. It is like the z-fold, but with four panels. It’s much simpler to design compared to other brochures because of its chronological way to present information. Use accordion folds for event brochures with day-to-day schedules or even for maps

B) Double Parallel Fold

The double parallel fold divides your brochure into four panels that are parallel and stand in the same direction. This brochure is usually printed on larger paper to give extra space for your design. You can use double parallel fold brochures to give customers a detailed look of your company, categorize different product offers, or add a form that customers need to fill out.

C) French Fold

This fold divides your brochure into four panels. The paper is folded in half, and then folded again perpendicular to the first fold. The total space is large enough to show photographs of your products. The French fold is popular for programs and promotional pieces especially when it is necessary to have a full-size image on the inside of the print material

D) Parallel Map Fold

This fold divides the brochure into four vertical panels, which are directly adjacent to one another when the paper has been fully opened. A parallel map brochure will open like a folder, and then unfold further. Use the long height per panel to showcase your services in detail.


The popular sizes listed above are unfolded. When folded, the width of each section is as follows:

  • 2-fold – 5.5” per section

  • 3-fold – 3.7” per section for 8.5” x 11” and 5.6” per section for 11” x 17”

  • 4-fold – 3.5” per section

Business Brochures and Booklets

  • Brochure, booklet, leaflet, pamphlet - all are means of information outlet.
  • Starting a $92.99 for 100
  • Full page brochure
  • Printed on text stock
  • Choice of different paper and card stock.
  • Glossy and matt finish


Hitech Album sets the standard for excellence in brochure design, offering a comprehensive range of solutions that captivate audiences and drive results. Whether you're promoting products, services, or events, our expert designers work closely with you to create custom brochures that effectively communicate your message and inspire action.

From sleek and minimalist layouts to bold and colorful designs, we offer a diverse range of options to suit your brand identity and marketing objectives. Our brochures are meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that every element—from the typography to the imagery—works together seamlessly to engage and inform your target audience.

At Hitech Album, we understand the power of visual communication, which is why we leverage cutting-edge design techniques and industry best practices to create brochures that stand out from the competition. Whether you're distributing them at trade shows, events, or through direct mail campaigns, our brochures are designed to leave a lasting impression and drive conversions for your business.

Trust Hitech Album to deliver exceptional brochure designs that elevate your brand, increase brand awareness, and generate leads, helping you achieve your marketing goals with confidence and style.


  • Size :  5.5x8.5,  8x9,  8.5x11,  8.5x14,  9x12,  11x17
  • Paper Stock : 70lb. Paper,  80lb. Paper,  100lb. Paper,  10pt. Cardstock
  • Coating :  Uncoated Both Sides  and  Gloss Both Sides
  • Folding Option :  No folding,  Half fold,  Tri-fold,  Z-fold,  Gate fold,  French fold,  Accordion-4 fold,
    Double parallel fold
  • Front Side :  Full color
  • Back Side :  No printing,  Full color
  • Modify Design : Yes
  • Mail for me : Yes

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