Mounted Posters


Mounted Posters are perfect for propping up against a wall, resting on a display easel, or even hanging on a wall. Mounted posters can be created using two different materials; 5mm foam board or 3mm PVC plastic. The 5mm foam board is the more economic choice and provides a lightweight, vivid display. The 3mm PVC plastic is more durable and allows you to use your mounted poster in indoor or outdoor scenarios.

Mounted posters can be used as visual aids, business advertisements and promotions, directional or informative signage and more!

High-Quality, Rigid Poster Printing

Mounted posters are directly printed onto rigid foam board or PVC with a high-quality digital UV ink. Whether your design includes photographed or graphic design elements, you can rest assured that your mounted poster will look stunning

Fully Customizable

Create any design you can think of with our online design tool! Add text, upload images or illustrations, customize colors and shapes, and more. Get even more out of your design by using our FREE

Foamboard & PVC

Choose between 5mm foam board or 3mm PVC to print your mounted poster. Both boards are rigid and provide excellent, flat poster display boards that will hold up well over time.

Double-Sided Printing

Print business in the front and a party on the back (or more business). Double-sided mounted posters can be displayed to be viewed from 2 directions or they can be flipped over for a second promotion, season or additional information

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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