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Ultimate Photo Cover Album: Home is Where the Heart Is, a USA Must-Have. With HiTech, every design element can be customized.

Merlot Series photo cover albums combine elegance and durability. This album is ideal for wedding, vacation, Sweet 16, and bar mitzvah images. Because of its compact size and strong layflat sheets, it stands out on any coffee table, making it popular in many US households.

Our Merlot Series laminated wraparound photo cover adds a vibrant touch to your collection. This beautiful record cover communicates. Back-to-back high-quality photo pages preserve your memories.

Create a unique photo book cover with various materials and textures. Select glossy, lustrous, metallic, or deep matte paper and page surfaces. Merlot Series boxes can have different materials, colors, imprinting, corner styles, and box types. Its versatility makes it popular nationwide.

Customize your photo cover album with HiTech's designs—home is where the heart is. Choose a leather or photo-wrapped cover to match your taste. Customizing every feature makes your Merlot Series album as unique as your memories.

Ideal for Every Special Moment. HiTech's Merlot Series picture book covers may suit your style and memories. With its adjustable features and high-quality materials, this photo book cover photo is perfect for any occasion. Make an album as special as your memories.

The Merlot Series photo cover book, designed for Americans, brings American innovation and excellence to your home.

The Merlot Series from HiTech makes the best custom photo albums. This high-quality, stylish, customizable album is perfect for weddings, vacations, and more. An attractive, long-lasting keepsake can enliven your coffee table and highlight your memories.

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