Create a custom vinyl banners design that highlights the products or services you offer. You can include contact information for customers. They may want to snap a photo for quick reference to contact you later.

Vinyl banners are the tried-and-tested way to advertise and make sure your message is seen. They grab the attention of event-goers at business openings, festivals, trade shows, sporting events, school functions, and any event that needs visibility.

More than effective promotional tools, vinyl banners also offer great value for money. Durable vinyl lets you set up even in outdoor locations, and you can reuse these promotions as much as you want. Vinyl banners are a great marketing investment for any business and will last for years.

Keep these in mind when choosing the right size of your vinyl banner:

  1. The size of the area where it will be displayed.
  2. The distance from which it will be viewed.

Sizes and their application:

  • 72x24 is ideal for smaller indoor areas with events like a product launch or pop up store.
  • 72x36 works well for high traffic areas and is the smallest size to consider for an outdoor event, like a grand opening.
  • 72x48 is even better for crowded areas It’s another great option for events where you have a booth, like trade shows or festivals.
  • 96x48 is ideal for big venues with hundreds of attendees Consider putting this on the side of a building to advertise an upcoming event or inside a convention center during a highly attended trade show.

Welcome to our Vinyl Banners collection – where creativity meets durability! Elevate your advertising game with our premium quality printable vinyl banners. Whether you're announcing a grand opening, promoting an event, or showcasing your brand, our customizable banners offer the perfect canvas to broadcast your message loud and clear. Crafted from high-grade materials, our banners are weather-resistant and built to last, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Explore our wide range of sizes and design options to transform any space into a captivating visual experience.

  • Same-day printing available
  • Strong vinyl material choices
  • Grommets or pole pockets for easy hanging

Durable Vinyl Material for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Choose from three durable vinyl materials for your vinyl banner.

Standard 13oz. scrim vinyl has a matte finish, which provides great visibility even in bright light. This popular option is economical and lasts three to five years outdoors.

Mesh 9oz vinly is an excellent choice to use outdoors on fences, like road signs, and as stand banners viewed from a distance. It has small holes that allow air to flow through it, offering tear resistance in windy environments.

18 oz matte vinyl is thicker than the standard vinyl banner printing material and is puncture resistant. The smooth, durable surface is great for outdoor and indoor use. Use it for tradeshows or conference banners. This is our strongest banner printing material and lasts up to five years outdoors

Hanging Made Easy

How do you plan to hang your vinyl banner? We offer treatment options that make putting it on display easy.

  • Hem is recommended for outdoor banners—with or without grommets. It prevents the material from unraveling. The banner edges are folded over and heat welded to reinforce the sides, which helps the vinyl banner maintain its shape.
  • Grommets are the most popular and most convenient way to hang a banner. Nickel grommets or eyelets are fastened around the edges or on the corners of the banner. Add grommets with the hem option to strengthen the banner edges and prevent them from tearing apart.

You can use rope, bungee cords, suction cups, or pear snap hooks to attach your vinyl banner to a solid structure, like a building, window, reception desk, trade show booth, or railing.

Pole pockets allow poles or rope to be inserted into the banner, which carries its weight and keeps it taut. The banner edges are folded over and heat welded to form a pocket.

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Banner Designs To Spread the Word

We offer hundreds of free banner design templates to choose from. Choose from a variety of industries and marketing strategies that fit your needs best. Here’s how to customize banner templates using our online design tool.

Step 1 Browse banner designs and filter according to size, industry, and design style. You can also start with a blank canvas. Click Customize on your preferred design template.

Step 2 Use the design toolbar to upload your own logo and images, add text and shapes, and change the text according to your brand.

Final step Once you’re done, click Save and Proceed to Order to follow the rest of the checkout process.

It’s important to keep in mind that the final size includes the pole pockets. Consider leaving ample space above and below your artwork so that it prints clearly without being disrupted by the pole pockets.


Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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